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Griffin, Jr., Maurice R.

August 21, 1958 –
 November 30, 2014


26 Thoughts on Griffin, Jr., Maurice R.
    Chris Forman
    6 Dec 2014

    Maurice was a dear dear friend and will miss him much. He always had a friendly smile and hug everytime I saw him. He was my singing buddy those years together in the Chorale. His spirit always shown which is what I admired most about him. I love you my brother and will see ya soon.

    Jack Mion
    7 Dec 2014

    Mo, although I may never again hold you in my arms, I will forever hold you in my heart. You taught me so much and even though you are gone from this earthly life, you still continue to teach me. I’ll be looking for you when I get to the other side. Blessed be.

    Lorrie Krejci
    8 Dec 2014

    While I had not seen MO in many years, I have wonderful memories of all the good times in high school. Mo you were a wonderful friend and in will always cherish the memories. Jack, I am glad he was so loved and did not pass alone. You have my deepest sympathy.

    Sandra Linn
    8 Dec 2014

    friends for 17 years, you in Dallas Texas, us here in Australia, we formed a very strong and lasting friendship via the computer. R.I.P. Our good friend, you will certainly never be forgotten xoxo

    Maurie Griffin
    8 Dec 2014

    Although we never met in person, spoke only once on the phone, we shared the same name,You in Dallas Texas, me in Australia, we have have been great friends for 17 years, R.I.P my friend, you will be sadly missed

    9 Dec 2014

    i know it’s just a temporary separation, but it’s still far too much and way too soon. Till we meet again, Merlin. Love you.

    Deirdre Evans
    10 Dec 2014

    Oh, Maurice, I miss you. A friend of the heart you are, a treasured part of my life. There was a lilt in your laugh and voice that brought cheer, that will always bring a smile when I think of you. Thanks for all the pictures! I have a row of you smiling at me right now. Now, go party with the angels!

    Chris Sachnik
    10 Dec 2014

    Such a great guy. You will be missed.

    Lindsey Desher
    11 Dec 2014

    Maurice was a wonderful, welcoming person. He always went out of his way to show kindness and love to every person he met. Thank you for being my friend, Mojo. I love you.

    Yuri Ellett
    11 Dec 2014

    He was such a sweet dear man. He was a kind soul full of love and compassion. His energy and smile will be missed.

    Tony and Susan Johnson
    13 Dec 2014

    Maurice was beautiful. His heart and kindness made him so. Rarely in life do you meet someone who is truly just a good person, in every possible way. It was our honor to know and love him. Strength beyond measure. We will see you soon enough.

    Jack Mion
    1 Jan 2015

    Mo, this was the hardest hi day season of my life, living it without your hugs. The new year is here and I will miss you even more but you are embraced iny heart more than you can imagine. Rex and Homie are doing fine and taking excellent care of me. You are walking in the universe among the Angels and saints and my resolution for the new year is to ask you to walk at my side so I can walk in your footsteps. You are brave. You are my hero. Blessed be.

    21 Jan 2015

    My brother I miss you so! It has taken me a while to write here. Maurice was definitely a unique person, blessed to have him in my life for 28 years. He shared his energy and kindness openly. We had some great times! I see with my heart not my eyes, you are always in my heart!

    Suzanne Badger
    7 Mar 2015

    I just learned of Maurice’s passing as I was wondering where my 2014 Christmas card from my dear old friend was. Due to my mother’s continuing journey with Alzheimer’s disease and as I am her full time care giver my full attention has been with her. Maurice and I had a crush on the same guy in HS and we loved singing, drama, and life and became the closest of friends. I knew him as Moe, Mo, Maux and Maurice and each evolution of his name embraced his growth as a beautiful, loving man. We doubled at our senior prom and ended up with each other as our friendship of love transcended all of our relationships. In 1977 when my sweet cat had kittens Maurice was quick to suggest that we call them Gable and Lombard. (Lombard stuck for the little girl kitten but Gable morphed into Marmalade Michael as Maurice conceded he was the color of orange marmalade.} We sang together at Archbishop Ryan HS and we stayed close through college. We loved to listen to Barbara and to borrow and embellish from Toni Morrison’s line from Sula… “We was kids together.” He suffered so from Crohn’s’ disease in high school and college so we celebrated the good days. His parents always welcomed me as my family embraced him also. He turned me on to scent of Patchouli and to this day I think of him as it was his scent. We saw so many movies together and when we went to Superman (1) we knew the one to fly to always. We spent so many hours at Elmwood Park contemplating life. We had made a pack that if we had not married others by age 30 that we would marry just to have a fabulous wedding ceremony and party. He chose to go to Dallas and find what Omaha could not give him. The last time I saw him was at his father’s funeral and his hug sustains me still. Maurice was a beautiful man with a glorious soul and a light from within that still shines on everyone who had the honor of knowing him. I am so glad he found love and happiness. I know his devotion and love for his beautiful animals also sustained him. My deepest sympathy to those who loved him so dearly. My sincere thanks to Jack who loved and cared for him. Stay Gold Maurice and Love remains.

    Jack Mion
    27 May 2015


    Rex, Homer, and I went by Winfrey Point today. It is so beautiful and peaceful. There were birds darting to and fro, dragonflies zipping through the air, frogs and ducks croaking and quacking in the distance. There were several sailboats out on the lake driven be the gentle breeze. Wild flowers are in full bloom and beautiful. Nature is alive and well and this is the place you loved. You are part of nature and alive and well. We all miss you so much but we will no forget. I will remember you. May the road rise to meet you and the wind be always at your back, and may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Blessed be.

    Jack Mion
    21 Aug 2015


    Happy birthday! I miss you so much but I baked you a cake as I have always done and you thanked me by giving me so many beautiful memories. Thank you for being there in the timeless splendor of the universe.

    All my love to you .

    We will be together again.

    Ps Rex and Homer are doing find and send you their best wishes, wags, and licks!

    Jack Mion
    30 Nov 2015


    It’s been a year, almost to the exact minute, that you left us to begin your new adventure. I miss you so, your laugh, your, smile, your hugs. Yet I know your spirit is always at my side guiding me.

    Over the past few hours, I have relived your last moments with me: I held you in my arms and you squeezed my had as you let go. Your were the most courageous person I have ever known. You taught me much and continue to do so. Let your magic carry us all into the future.

    May the road ride to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rain fall safe upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    I love you Mo and always will. I will never forget.

    Blessed be,

    Jack Mion
    21 Aug 2016

    Happy birthday Maurice!! Today is a wonderful day. The sun is up and the sky is a beautiful blue, yet the moon shines bright above us! This day is your day and a celebration of your union with the universe! Although I miss you dearly, I know you are always at my side and guiding me as spirit. Today I celebrate you. You always loved your birthday and all the fuss I made of it. This day will be no different. I baked you a cake and will use this day to remember you and all the joy you brought into my life. As usual, it is you that gives the greatest gift of all: your love. Let us all join together with the universe, the Angels, the Goddess and God and sing happy birthday to you!! Blessed be forever.

    Jack Mion
    30 Nov 2016

    Maurice, it’s been 2 years since you left this physical existence and were reborn in your new spiritual awareness. It seems like only yesterday when We shared our final good-byes. I will never forget that day, nor will I ever forget you. Rex and Homer are doing real well; I know you are looking over them. Thank you for all your blessings; I am a far better person for being a part of you life. We will be together again. All my love to you. Blessed be.

    Jack Mion
    5 Dec 2017

    Maurice, we are coming up on my third Christmas without your physical presence. Your birthday has come and gone as had the anniversary of your transition, but you are not forgotten. I promised I would remember you always and I am and will. As I decorate for the holidays l, I think of you and remember how much you loved this time of year. You are loved by so many. Even though you now reside in the Summerlands, you live on in our hearts. Thank you Maurice for your gift of love.

    Blessed be.

    Jack Mion
    21 Aug 2018

    Happy birthday Maurice! Today we take the time to remember and to celebrate your life. We miss and love you so much. Jack, Rex, and Homer.

    Jack Mion
    21 Aug 2019

    Happy Birthday Maurice. I miss you so much, but you will never be forgotten. Give Rex a big hug for me

    Jack Mion
    30 Nov 2019

    Maurice, five years ago today you left on your new adventure. I miss you so much but you are still as much a part of my life today as when you walked among us. Run with Rex BBC and I know we will see each other again. Jack

    Dan Miller
    1 Jul 2021

    Thumper. I’m so sorry I missed seeing you at your dads wake. I didn’t go in but my wife did. She didn’t know we knew each other, but she worked with your dad. I really wish now I would of seen you then. I think of you often. You were a good friend when I would go to visit my grandmother up the street from you. I always think of you when A Lion In Winter comes on and think of when you and I took the bus to the theatre to see it and being the youngest couple in the theatre.
    My heart beats sadly for you for the fact you’re gone but also with joy knowing that you are no longer suffering.
    I was glad to read that you got to follow your dreams on the stage.
    With love. Dan

    Jack Mion
    30 Nov 2021

    Maurice, it’s been 8 years since you continued your journey into spirit. It seems like only yesterday since you left. I see your smile, hear your voice, and feel your hugs. I know you are with me. Rex is with you and I know he is a great companion for you. He is pure love. I will never forget you, never. xoxoxo

    Jack Mion
    30 Nov 2021

    Maurice, it’s been 8 years since you continued your journey into spirit. It seems like only yesterday since you left. I see that infectious smile and hear your voice, and feel your hugs. I know you are with me. Rex is with you and I know he is a great companion for you. He is pure love. I will never forget you, never. xoxoxo

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