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George Trotter Swanson

September 15, 1955 –
 May 11, 2022


15 Thoughts on George Trotter Swanson
    Missi. “Your sissy”
    2 Jun 2022

    You are so missed but I am so grateful for the indelible memories I have of you for the past 35 years. The fun, the times you talked me off the ledge, your sage wisdom, and jus you. The person George. I love you always. I am grateful I could do one loving thing for you in the end. Save me a seat-I will see you on the other side. Love you!

    Kevin Hanna
    2 Jun 2022

    I had the unique privilege of meeting and sitting in numerous meetings with him and I also had the Privilege of sitting in several meetings with SRV Before he was killed as well and I was also called to go help George In stealing car’s with him. He will be missed.

    May he RIP…

    2 Jun 2022

    George was one of a kind and full compassion for other alcoholics. His delivery of the message was colorful and packed with wisdom. RIP George.

    2 Jun 2022

    George will surely be missed. His unique style of living & serving will live on in our hearts forever. I loved his way of phrasing his words of wisdom. Profound with a sprinkle of irreverence. My kind of people.
    To all whose hearts are broken:
    May his memory bring you comfort;
    May time bring you peace.
    Ride free, George

    Dolores and Bill Rojas
    2 Jun 2022

    G- damn Bill and I miss you already. Thanks for keeping everything real. And for the zillion laughs along the way. Love you brotha.

    Kathy McDaniel
    2 Jun 2022

    He will be missed by so very many of us. He will be loved by so very many of us forever.

    Allison Schaffenburg
    3 Jun 2022

    I never met George in person, but his words on Zoom and texts of encouragement touched me deeply. He is one of the most important people to have ever been a part of my life. I miss you every day George.

    Sunny Wrocklage
    3 Jun 2022

    George, thank you for always being my friend. Thank you for talking to me in the middle of the night, crying with me at other peoples Graves, playing music for me at parties, answering questions and literally coming and getting my ass when I was in a lurch for over 20 years. You found me cars to drive, gave me a couch to sleep on, gave me advice… you were family man. Thank you. May the angels know they are blessed to have your crazy ass.

    4 Jun 2022

    George although I never met you in person you did indeed have a big impact on me. I loved our little Chats and I laughed at your irreverence ! You were a great sponsor to my nephew Jack and always had wise and uplifting words for him…I will miss you my friend…ride free on Heavens High way and feel the wind beneath your wings evermore xx

    5 Jun 2022

    I stumbled into Belwood for the first time in spring 2008, only a week or so sober, and Repo came up to and growled, “Are you an alcoholic, missy?” When I said yes, he thrust “How It Works” into my hand and said, “Welcome! You’re reading.” I had no idea what was going on, but from that day, we were friends. He was unfailingly supportive and kind to me, always ready to share a cigarette and a laugh. I’m grateful I knew Repo George. Rest In Peace, brother, and I’ll be seeing you at the Big Meeting in the Sky.

    Cheryl M
    6 Jun 2022

    I miss you! The world is not the same without you, but then the world was so lucky to have you while you were here with us. I never heard your whole story but the person you were and the way you interacted with people, filled so many hearts with the desire to become better souls. Ride free and Rest In Peace, George. Thanks for being my zoom buddy! What a blessing you have been.

    Becky B
    10 Jun 2022

    Repo, you are part of the light that brightened our journey through recovery. It wasn’t always easy, your experience and wisdom was inspiring and challenging to say the least. We met in the rooms of the program, and those rooms are going the have a huge void now. Outside the rooms I also knew a man of humor and compassion for those that struggled with all kinds of different issues. The day you passed I sent you a text and you didn’t reply. I went to Facebook and saw that you had started your new journey into the light. God’s grace is already upon you. Always your friend

    Jodi Jenkins
    10 Jun 2022

    George was truly a brother to me and so many others. His advice, his wit, and his unconditional love are what I will always remember. Sure do miss our talks, my friend.

    11 Jun 2022


    You always made me feel welcome, appreciated and relaxed when we spent time with you and my mom. I have a lot of fond memories of spending time with you driving around, drinking Dr. Peppers, and you imparting some wisdom on me. You treated me like a peer and not like the awkward teen that I was, and that was really nice. You introduced me to some really cool movies, always trying to make sure I was comfortable and engaged when we would visit. You would also go out of your way to take my sisters and me to see my mom when she was at work, which I know meant a lot to her and it made for some good memories. You were sensitive and kind to me, which I very much appreciated.

    Your friends and pets and family love you and miss you.


    25 Sep 2022

    Repo, my heart shattered into a million pieces this morning. The last time we messaged on FB you had just been diagnosed and weren’t fazed one bit. We laughed and talked and you pep talked me about my situation. You made me feel loved and wanted in the purest most noble way. I’m so glad I let my wall down enough to tell you how very much I loved you and what you and your ear meant to me in the few short years we “talked” on FB. I’m so sorry life got in my way and I lost you during this time. Please forgive me and keep looking over me as now some things that have been happening here in my home and life make sense. I feel you’ve probably already met my mom lol I love you Repo you were and are a gem.
    To Repo’s family, thank you so much for letting him love and help so many. I recognised some of your names and never a bad word spoken for sure he loved you all so very much.

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R. Driver
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"Excellent customer service, they made you feel like you were their only customer. Very helpful and explained what we should expect during the process. They basically took care of our needs during this time. They contacted DFW National Cemetery for us which made it a smooth experience. Definitely will use them again."
K. Barker
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"I was amazed how professional Abel Rodriguez and his staff at Aria Funeral Preston Dallas Texas. Abel guided me through the process and my options of their services that they offered for my mother. Abel is a compassionate, caring, calm, good listener, efficient and did an excellent job! Thank you!"
R. Woll
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"If I could give 6 stars I would. Aria made a difficult easier to deal with by basically taking care of everything in an efficient but very empathetic manner. I can speak highly enough of Dusty Martin, who helped us with all of the planning and logistics. He was incredibly understanding and helpful."
Angel M.
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"Nothing prepares you for the grief you go through when losing a child. I called this funeral home at 2:00 am broken and could barely talk. The amount of compassion and empathy they showed me immediately let me know I found the right place to cremate my son. I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism, SINCERE concern, and commitment to making sure my son was honored in the most respectful way. I hope this Funeral home values her as much as my family and I do."
McGee Family
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"Wayne and Staff, thank you for taking care of the arrangements for our mom, Exter McGee and our dad, Philip McGee. You have been great to work with during such a difficult time."
Elledge Family
Elledge Family
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"On behalf of my family, I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your handling of my husband's final arrangements. Wayne Baxter assisted & guided us through the entire process with such care & compassion. Don't know what we would have done without him! Sincerely, Colleen Elledge"
The Peterson Family
The Peterson FamilyYelp! Review - Northwest Highway 5-Stars
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"I can’t say enough about how helpful and professional Dusty Martin, the funeral director at the Aria Cremation location on NW Highway has been. From my initial call, he was kind and informative. My friend died at home while on hospice and she was picked up in about an hour after receiving the call from the hospice nurse. The person who arrived to pick her up was also very professional/respectful and allowed us to take as much time with her as we wished. When I met with Dusty the next day about arrangements, he explained the process and options available without being pushy or trying to “sell” extras. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and, for example, was careful to be certain I understood the cost of the obituary I wanted and offered some options for reducing that cost if I wished. When I stopped by for another reason and started talking about some of the problems I was having with the pictures and media I hoped to use at a memorial lunch I was planning, he not only listened patiently but offered technology advice and let me use his personal media player. I have had experience arranging cremations for four others using two other local companies, and this experience with Dusty at Aria has been by far the best one I have had."
Paula Barnes
Paula BarnesGoogle Review
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"My Daddy’s service and our family experience at Aria Northwest Highway was truly blessed. Funeral Director Dustin Martin is the kind of person that you would like to see on a more regular basis – but in his industry – you hope to not see him that often. That being said – THANK YOU DUSTIN for your unending kindness, compassion and friendship through the process. Meeting you and discussing Dallas History, Find A Grave and my Dad’s lifelong contributions to the great City of Dallas was simply wonderful! In memory of my dad James A. Dodd, Sr. – I want to personally thank you and let you know that you made everything better in that moment. Your calling to “Be There” is spot on. Aria has a one in a million guy in you! Bling Blinky of TEXAS Shout Out: God Bless You!!"

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